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Introducing our Sprats Natural Dog Treats – a delectable delight for your beloved furry friend. These treats are crafted from carefully prepared, home-dried sprats, offering a flavorful and nutritious snacking option. Each 50g pack holds pure goodness without additives, providing a natural and wholesome treat. Sprats are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, promoting skin, coat, and overall health. Whether for training, rewards, or just a loving gesture, these treats reflect your care and support for Pathfinder Dogs through Studio PD. Elevate your dog's snacking experience with these irresistible treats that combine compassion with creativity.
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Puppy on the beach - in training jacket

Nutrient Rich

Our treats maintain the natural nutrients, providing a healthier, more beneficial snack for your dog.

Not to mention, by purchasing these you support Pathfinder dogs!

Nuri - Puppy in training

Safe and Transparent

With our treats, you know exactly what's in them.. pure, natural ingredients without any hidden additives or chemicals.

We wouldn't make anything we wouldn't give to our own dogs.

Frequently asked questions

1. What makes these treats different from store-bought options?

Answer: Our treats are made from pure, high-quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives. This ensures your dog gets a nutrient-packed, safe snack.

2. Are these treats suitable for dogs with food sensitivities?

Answer: Our treats are made from single protein sources and contain no additives, making them a safer option for dogs with food sensitivities.

3. How are these treats made?

Answer: The majority of our treats are home-dried to preserve their natural nutrients and flavors, offering a wholesome snacking experience for your dog.

4. Can I use these treats for training?

Answer: Absolutely! Their natural goodness makes them an excellent choice for rewards during training sessions.

5. How does my purchase support a good cause?

Answer: Every purchase directly supports Pathfinder Dogs, contributing to the training and placement of assistance dogs for blind adults.